Thank you for reaching out to our school! All of our courses are offered online, via a self paced learning portal.  


Our courses start as soon as you pay and enroll online. You can do this work in your own free time, nights, weekends etc. The State pre-license course (both salesperson and a broker) has a time limit of 6 months to finish, including the passing of the final exams. Time tracking is done via the LMS or Learning Management Systems and it’s all logged via the tools there. You can do this in as little as 9 days as the state has a limit of only studying 10 hour per day (2 sessions a day). Continuing Education courses have a 2 year time limit to complete.

All of our courses have been fully approved by Arizona Department of Real Estate. You will get 100% credit for it when you finish. For the pre-license and broker coureses, our digital course book is divided up into 18-20 sessions. Each session contains 4-5 Learning Modules. Each module is accompanied by 4-5 comprehension questions, interactivities, and a quiz. The interactive items are vocabulary flash cards, fill in the blanks, drag and drops, scenario based interactions, and videos for each session.  


Here is the link for our online plans, prices, more information on the process of getting your license, a video of what our online experience is like, and frequently asked questions: 



We look forward to hearing from you️!