We don't focus on numbers as each student learns differently, and we don’t know the pass rate for the state tests as they are not published. 

What we do know is when a student takes the final exams, their scores reflect their studying. Remember, that a 75% is required to pass both our school exam and the State exams, but, to get to 75% is not nearly as easy as you think it will be. Our final exams will be as similar to the State exam as possible.


The scale that we see most common is as follows for 'our school' final exams:

42%-54% = Are you sure you did the same course?

55%-65% = Lack of studying or time - you didn't do the work necessary.

65%-73% = Overall understanding, but missing some key concepts or vocab understanding.

74%-79% = Mostly getting it. Either we rushed through this or confused 2 topics.

80%-85% = Good general understanding of materials and terms but need to brush up in areas.

86% +       = Very confident in passing the Pearson Vue exam on the first attempt.