The state changed their laws in September of 2021 to require all testers to test in person for the school’s final exam. We provide a courtesy 3rd party list that will administer your exams all throughout Arizona. 

You would be responsible for contacting one of those facilities to schedule your exam and we would need to be notified, so that the school can send out the necessary instructions to the proctor. 


Please go to this link here for details and more information for those who are out of state. Also, please note that we are NOT able to override this requirement for anyone for any reason. This is the State of Arizona's law and we must adhere to it. 

Lastly, don't forget, the States exam, the Pearson Vue's exam, is also in-person and MUST be taken in ARIZONA. Please do not ask for waivers, extended permissions, or exceptions, as legally we are not able or allowed to provide these. We, like all other schools in Arizona, must follow the rules and guidelines.